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Thinking About Getting Boosted in Valorant for Patch 3.05

Update 3.05 of Valorant’s patch notes include modifications to numerous abilities as well as competitive changes. Not to mention the new Fracture map, shaped like an “H.” Patch 3.05, is enormous; therefore, consider using Valorant’s boosting service to conquer the map. This patch note will significantly change how specific agents interact with other abilities, allowing them to damage or destroy the enemy.

Valorant Boosting

Boosting in Valorant is a service that allows you to achieve your objectives with the support of a skilled player. Valorant Boosting Service can assist you in choosing the most acceptable alternative for your needs. To use the service, you must first supply your account information to the service provider. All platforms, including PC and Xbox, can benefit from the improvements. You can choose a Solo boost, in which the player logs in to your account and helps you reach your objective. If you don’t want to provide your account information, you can choose a Duo boost, which lets you play independently while an expert assists you. With Patch Note 3.05., you can get boosting service and master the game.

Agent Updates

Brimstone, Sova, and Breach now have unique damage resorting abilities thanks to the Valorant agent upgrade.


Aftershock is Breach’s ultimate ability. The Breach can deal with several damages. Now! After that, it deals the following damage.

  • Killjoy Alarm Bot
  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Killjoy Lockdown
  • Cypher Tripwire
  • Reyna Leer
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Sova Recon Bolt
  • KAY/O Zero/Point


In Patch 3.05., there are new damage-inflicting abilities. Breach’s ultimate ability is Orbital Strike. It deals the following damage.

  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Cypher Trapwire
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • KAY/O Zero/Point


Sova’s ultimate damage-dealing ability is Hunter’s Fury. It deals the following damage.

  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Cypher Trapwire
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Sova Recon Bolt
  • KAY/O Zero/Point


Killjoy’s ultimate upgraded ability is the turret. Now! After that, it deals the following damage.

  • Bullet tagging reduced to 72.5%
  • Slow Rate >>> 29.5%
  • About 84.31% decrease in slowing.


Boom Bot deals the following damage.

  • Max damage reduced 125 >>> 80
  • Min damage reduced 50 >>> 30
  • Cost reduced 400 >>> 300

Map Updates

Turn the tables on attackers with proactive defender deployment on a new dual-biome map. Fracture, a new Valorant seventh map, has a range of settings that allow attackers and defenders to take different approaches to the game. This map illustrates the destruction of a top-secret research facility due to a radianite-fueled disaster. The map is shaped like an H, allowing teams to pinch their opponents.

Competitive Updates

Patch 3.05. will also include modifications to the competitive playlist. Immortal rank tiers have returned, and there is a leaderboard to differentiate between them. Immortal 1/2/3’s reappearance also affects ranked grouping limits. The new Immortal and Diamond grouping limits are as follows:

Diamond 1 → Immortal 1

Diamond 2 → Immortal 2

Diamond 3 → Immortal 3

Those who are new to the field of boosting should look for boosters who are well-known and experienced. In Patch 3.05., choose the best Valorant Boosting Service and get boosted.


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